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Ncompass - The Complete Cloud Solution for Your Facility

The Ncompass Vendor Neutral Archive: The Building Block of Enterprise Imaging

Ncompass VNA, a vendor neutral, object-based, and indexed storage solution, is architected to house both DICOM and non-DICOM (photos, videos, other clinical multimedia). This archive is both a reliable short and long-term archive with lifecycle management and cost-efficient, off-site storage options which reduce hardware and accompanying costs. Storage is organized both on and off-site according to organizational needs and preferences in order to optimize access, workflow and create a complete disaster recovery solution. The VNA allows large images to be pre-loaded according to a physician’s schedule, facilitating a quicker workflow as well as enhanced collaboration through the Universal Viewer. Additionally, Novarad Image Exchange allows physicians to easily identify that an image is available and simultaneously open the study, eliminating the need for repeat exams.

Vendor Neutral, Really.

While some self-labeled Vendor Neutral Archive solutions claim vendor neutrality, many of them still use a proprietary archive, which makes them vendor-neutral in name only. The Ncompass VNA is a standards-based, XDS-compliant solution that permanently eliminates the need for expensive data migrations that disrupt clinical workflow.

The Ncompass solution utilizes a state of the art universal viewer with patient-centric access clinical information through a zero-footprint web browser.

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See Across the Enterprise. One Patient at a Time.
The Ncompass Patient-Centric Universal Viewer

Allows physicians, nurses and other staff to access and view both DICOM and non-DICOM information on any device through a web browser. Leveraging 20 years of healthcare imaging experience, Novarad has developed an HTML5 universal viewer that provides unbridled access to the facility’s imaging archive.